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Going where my imagination takes me

My philosophy

Creation is life. Life is learning. A day when I learn nothing and create nothing is a day I might as well have stayed in bed. Though I must confess, there are days when I’m tempted to do just that.


Aeryn longs for adventure, but when she is carried off by a dragon, all she wants is to get back home.

But how will she escape the dragon?

A children’s chapter book

sausages near sliced ham beside chicken eggs in bowl on table

Literature is a buffet

No one goes to a buffet and just eats one thing. Even if it’s their favourite thing. Meat lovers like desert, too.

Reading is like that. So is writing.

My favourite genres are fantasy and sci fi, but I love crime stories, thrillers, mystery and historical fiction, among others. That’s why I write a variety of genres. And, occasionally, poetry.