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Aeryn longs for adventure, but when she is carried off by a dragon, all she wants is to get back home.

But how will she escape the dragon?

A story of an unusual friendship.

A Children’s Chapter Book

Expected publication date:

E-book: Oct. 2021

Print: Nov. 2021

One man and the women who loved him.

Beth, his childhood sweetheart, whom he swore to protect.

Colleen, the love of his life.

Jeanne, who tries to mend his broken heart but ends up breaking her own.

A love story

Expected publication date:

E-book: Jan 2022

Print: Jan 2022

This is not the final cover

Black and White

When a woman is found dead, with slashed wrists, in her tub, the initial assumption is suicide.

But detective Jackie Malone’s gut tells her something doesn’t fit.

Her investigation leads to a chilling discovery, one that will change her life.


Expected publication date:

E-book: Feb 2022

Print: Feb 2022