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Emily Martha Sorensen

My inaugural featured author is Emily Martha Sorensen.

In her own words “I write clean fantasy adventures with clever characters, fun plots, and lots of humor.” And that is absolutely true. She writes for all ages.

I’ve read a few of her books. I absolutely loved her Dragon’s Egg series. I believe she once said it was written for adults but people were reading it to their kids. I had already read some of her Fairy Senses series, which did seem geared to kids, but if Dragon’s Egg was geared to adults, I wanted to read it. I can’t resist dragon stories.

Why I loved Dragon’s Egg

There is a lot of humour in Dragon’s Egg. Any parents reading it will laugh til they cry reading about the tribulations around raising a baby dragon: finding something it’s willing to eat, changing diapers, keeping it amused and out of trouble. We’ve all been there, though normally not with a baby dragon.

But I can see why kids would love it, too, even if they can’t read it themselves yet. What kid doesn’t like dragons? And these ones have such personalities kids can really identify with them.

Her characters are completely believable. We all know people something like them. (It could even be ourselves.) Recognizing them, we expect them to act in a certain way and then they surprise us.

Why I love this author

In a nutshell, I admire her tremendously.

I got to know Emily through her newsletter, which is always thought-provoking and informative. One time she may tell you a thousand interesting things she found out about dinosaurs, and the next time she’s tackling a moral dilemma.

Emily is deeply spiritual, with strong convictions. She isn’t afraid to share her spiritual journey, from where she is to where she wants to be. In doing that, she often bares her soul to the risk of negativity from readers. I doubt she finds anything but admiration from them.

As an example of her generosity of spirit, last year she was expecting a huge natural disaster on top of the tsunami that was, and is, Covid-19. To mitigate it to some extent, she made ALL her books free to download from her site.

I’ve written to her a few times in response to something in her newsletter, and her replies were as deep and personal as her newsletter.

As a writer, she is incredibly prolific. The word count of her newsletter alone is higher than some writers’ daily word counts (including mine, most days). She churns out books regularly as well as additional content for her Patreon page.

A couple of times she posted about books written and illustrated by her daughter. The first was when her daughter was seven. It was so cute I just had to buy it. (If I remember correctly, it was $1. and her daughter was saving up for a house. How adorable is that?)

You can find a complete list of Emily’s books here:

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